Kalibu Academy: 2008 Examination Results and Principal's Comments

We are beyond thrilled with our first international examination results based on the British Cambridge University examinations. Out of 59 students who wrote the examination all 59 students passed with a full certificate.

True education is taking drop out students and the less intellectually endowed and getting them FULL PASS. Most schools boast about their star academic achievers. Such students will make the grade anyway and only need a little guidance from teachers. To take a rejected student and really teach him or her and coach such as one through to be a winner is what Kalibu Academy is all about.

98% of all SUBJECTS written were passed.


100% Candidates obtained FULL passes in five or more subjects (That is a full certificate)

100% Pass in Accounts
100% Pass in Business Studies
98% Pass in Physics
100% Pass in Biology
100% Pass in Economics
100% Pass in History
100% Pass in English as a FIRST language
97% Pass in Chemistry
94% Pass in Geography
95% Pass in EXTENDED Maths.

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